SAS Certificate Student Portfolio

Upon completion of necessary coursework, an applicant must submit a binder of involving SAS assignments or projects before the end of the semester of the last course taken in the sequence. Binders may be submitted directly to the program director. The applicant will be given the exact due date after the application is approved. The binder will include four tabbed sections. Each section will contain one major assignment which implements SAS tools from a specific course. All four courses in the certificate program must be represented in the binder. At least one tabbed section must contain a course project illustrating an extensive application of the SAS system and that demonstrates several dimensions of SAS skills that are deemed valuable for public sector, private sector, or graduate school work. The project may be one completed in STA 3024 (for undergraduates) or STA 5XXX (for graduate students) but another suitable project may be selected from another course. More than four assignments/projects maybe submitted but no more than two per tabbed section is permitted. Students will receive their binder back after evaluation by the program director and may find that it could serve as a portfolio which would be useful in obtaining employment.